The twinning - Les Amis de Newmarket

Maisons-Laffitte & Le Mesnil-Le-Roi with the town of Newmarket (Great Britain – Suffolk)

Its Origins

Created in 1956, the Association Les Amis de Newmarket aims to promote the twinning established between the communes of Maisons-Laffitte and Le-Mesnil-le-Roi with the town of Newmarket (and the Forest Heath District) in England.

Maisons-Laffitte and Le Mesnil-le-Roi were among the first French towns to be twinned with a foreign town, since the decision to twin with Newmarket in England was taken by the municipalities in November 1954. The twinning was initiated by Barry Lynham, a British resident in Maisons-Laffitte.

After a few official events and a first exchange of young people, the Amis de Newmarket” association was created in 1956 to promote the twinning. At the same time, the association “The Friends of Maisons-Laffitte and Le-Mesnil-le-Roi” was created in England.


Dynamism and careful preparation, will and respect for differences, idealism and pragmatism, enthusiasm and clear-sightedness, often contradictory qualities that he knew how to combine in a cocktail where the characters he received from the British and what he was able to borrow from the French were certainly blended.

Born in 1904, the year in which France and Britain concluded the Entente Cordiale, from which Barry always drew inspiration, he left us on 14 July 1985.

Barry LYNHAM was President of the Friends of Newmarket from its inception until 1979, when he asked to be relieved. He then became its Honorary President.

Our activities and orientations

Create and develop links of friendship and sharing between the French and English of our communes – young people and adults – thanks to various activities of exchanges and meetings (annual friendship trips, cultural and sport meetings).

Promoting knowledge of English culture and the English language
in a friendly way, by organising activities in English such as conversation groups, theatre and cinema outings in English.

Participating in local life by organising events and entertainment (stand at the Forum des Associations, Christmas Market…, annual meal…

Where is located Newmarket