The Friendship Trip

The Friendship Trip takes place every year over four days, usually in May, (departure on
Friday, return on Monday) either in Newmarket/Forest Heath or alternatively in Maisons-

Accommodation is provided by families.

Tourist and cultural activities are organised by the host association and their hosts. In
addition, joint events and festivities provide an opportunity to get together in a friendly

Newmarket is close to Cambridge and Norwich, an area in which there are lovely walks
through typical villages with half-timbered houses and thatched roofs. Occasionally, trips
further afield are organised.

These trips are always an opportunity to discover and share with those who love Great
Britain, its varied landscapes, its history and its customs. These encounters are very often at
the origin of sincere and lasting friendships for the greatest happiness of all.

So don’t hesitate to join us for these beautiful moments of escape!